University’s sustainability credentials applauded by TFPA for choosing to develop with timber at Hobart’s Forestry building

Nick Steel, CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association said “This is a very exciting time for forestry as globally, the climate change and carbon benefits of timber are being recognised and embraced”.

“As a university on the cutting edge of science and technology it is fantastic to see them lead by example in the development of the Forestry Building by using timber, the ultimate renewable.”

“We know that using timber will lower the carbon footprint of this development because timber is the best building product on earth, for its natural beauty, for the biophilic benefits and for its environmental credentials.”

“Smart and informed decisions like this now will pay great dividends in the future for both the environment and the quality of life of anyone who uses this building”.

“The university and the Tasmanian forestry sector have a proud history of collaborating through investment in research and development. This investment has seen the industry transform to what it is today, an industry that delivers environmentally sustainable building solutions.”



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