Time to strengthen laws to support workers’ rights and safety

The TFPA is not opposed to people’s right to protest peacefully, however some protestors behave like they are above the law and unfortunately impinge on the rights of ordinary Tasmanians seeking to earn a lawful living.

In a democratic society public safety needs to be paramount and the days of protestors invading workplaces and attacking, intimidating, and placing undue stress upon staff to make their point must come to an end.

Freedoms of expression and freedom of assembly does not extend to unlawful and unwelcome attacks on individuals in their place of work. These actions place workers safety and mental health at risk whilst impinging on their rights and freedoms.

A lack of effective workplace laws has seen this behaviour escalate to include offices where administration staff are now the targets of these invasions, and this must be brought to an end through the implementation of stronger laws.

Despite our differences of opinion, we should all be able to respect the rights of each other and behave in a manner that is acceptable in a modern and democratic society.

For the minority within society who are unable to respect the rights and freedoms of others, tougher laws will need to be the deterrent, just like with any other illegal activity.



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