TFPA warns that BBF misrepresentation slows down real climate action

Media Release – 3 November 2021

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association welcomes and supports the commitment from world leaders on halting deforestation by 2030 at the Glasgow Climate Change Summit, COP26 and are calling out the Bob Brown Foundation claims as misleading and damaging to real climate action.

The pledge does not support the BBF claim and makes no commitment to end domestic native timber supply.

Tasmania’s Forest Products Association (TFPA) CEO Nick Steel said “the Deforestation Pledge acknowledges that reducing deforestation efforts need to be made in concert with increasing sustainable agriculture, sustainable forest management, forest conservation and restoration, and support for Indigenous Peoples and local communities – practices and this is where Tasmanian forestry is leading the way”.

In what is quite the opposite of the BBF claim, the Deforestation Pledge states that we need to “facilitate trade and development policies, that promote sustainable development, and sustainable commodity production and consumption that do not drive deforestation and land degradation”.

Timber harvesting operations in Tasmania do not result in deforestation, as all areas harvested are regenerated to ensure there is no net loss over time in forested area. In simple terms, every Tasmanian tree used is replaced and we are ahead of the pack.”

“Yet the BBF seek to push local demand for hardwoods offshore and, in some places, contribute to more deforestation. It is total hypocrisy and achieves the opposite of the intent which is to end deforestation and develop sustainable local production” said Mr Steel.

“This puts the BBF odds with our nation’s commitment to the Deforestation Pledge and the good work being done in places like Tasmania. Already furniture makers in WA are seeking alternate supplies to Jarrah from Indonesian rainforest timber.”

TFPA represents forest growers, harvesters, and manufacturers of timber and paper products.

“If we are serious about being part of the solution to deforestation globally, rather than contribute to the problem, we must increase, not decrease, the ability of Australians to source timber locally from our certified and sustainably managed natural forests and plantations,” Mr Steel concluded.


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