Media release: Tasmanian forest industry welcomes latest State of the Forests Report

The 2022 Tasmanian State of the Forests report, released today, backs the forest industry’s management of the state’s forest assets and recognises the good work of industry in protecting the environment.

Released every five years, the State of the Forest Report presents a quantifiable snapshot of the state of Tasmanian forest assets, both public and private, native and plantation.

The new snapshot shows the forest industry continues to manage the estate effectively, and continues to be environmentally sound, according to Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) Chief Executive Officer, Nick Steel.

“The Tasmanian forestry industry can be rightfully proud following the release of this report,” Mr Steel said.

“This snapshot shows Tasmania’s forests remain in great shape and backs the management of Tasmanian forests by the forestry industry.

“It shows more pristine wilderness has been permanently protected across the state, and that our management of productive lands continues to protect Tasmania’s unique flora and fauna.

“In fact, the report shows that 59 per cent of our native forests, 99 per cent of high-quality wilderness and 88 per cent of old growth forests are protected in the reserve network.”

Mr Steel also said the report shows that Tasmanian forestry is key in the state’s commitment to carbon neutrality.

“The report actually shows that the carbon sequestration has fallen, as more land is protected and matures,” Mr Steel said.

“This is because mature forests don’t capture carbon at the same rate of growing forests.

“By carefully managing forestry in appropriate areas it means we can increase our state’s carbon storage credentials.

“On productive land, every tree is replanted or regenerated, and will sequester carbon as it grows.

“That carbon then remains in the wood for the life of its use, proving once again that forestry really is the ultimate renewable.

TFPA represents forest growers, harvesters, and manufacturers of timber and paper products.

“Forestry is a key component in the economic and environmental success story of Tasmania, and the industry is pleased its work has been recognised by this report.”


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