Sustainability focus of PESRAC welcomed

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Sustainability focus of PESRAC welcomed

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association has welcomed the focus on environmental sustainability announced by the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council, and endorsed by the Government yesterday.

“The concept of environmental sustainability is something that the forest industry, as the ultimate renewable, embraces”, CEO Nick Steel said today.

“In particular, we welcome and strongly support the recommendations to adopt circular economy principles, and the Premier’s subsequent announcement that the State will phase-out single-use plastics.

“Renewable timber products will play a significant role in replacing these single-use plastic products.”

Mr Steel also welcomed the focus in the report, and subsequently by the Government, on the need to build more sustainable housing.

“Tasmanian-grown and processed renewable timber is already playing a significant role in helping to address Tasmania’s housing crisis and as a more carbon-friendly option than the alternatives like steel and concrete, will play an even bigger role going forward.”

Media enquiries:

Stuart Harris

Media & Public Relations Manager, Tasmanian Forest Products Association.

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