Stadium will showcase the beauty of Tasmania’s sustainable timber industry

The construction of the new Macquarie Point Stadium is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our state, and Tasmania’s sustainable forestry industry is ready to assist.

According to Tasmanian Forest Products Association Chief Executive Officer, Nick Steel, the stadium’s concept plans are an exciting vision of what Tasmania’s newest iconic building will look like. 

“With the release of Hobart’s new stadium design, including the use of beautiful Tasmanian timber, I look forward to the pride we will all feel when our very own Tasmanian team runs out into the cauldron of our very own stadium. It will be a pivotal moment for the history of our state,” Mr Steel said.

“And now we see our colosseum will showcase the best that our state has to offer – including our beautiful, sustainable and carbon-rich Tasmanian timber.

“This project will showcase Tasmania’s stunning timber to Australia and the rest of the world.”

Mr Steel said the use of timber in our stadium is not just for aesthetics, with modern timber products offering significant advantages over the use of the traditional construction materials such as concrete and steel.

“Aside from its beauty, timber products such as cross laminated veneer and glulam offer the strength, durability and fire ratings of more traditional construction materials,” Mr Steel said.

“But unlike concrete and steel, our products are more energy efficient to produce, are carbon-rich and fully renewable, with the Tasmanian forestry industry replanting or regrowing every tree we harvest.

“That means that the trees we replant or regrow following harvesting for our stadium will continue to sequester carbon and, when mature, will be available to build future homes for Tasmanian families.”

Mr Steel said the forestry industry is excited to work with the architects, builders and the government in creating this game-changing project but warned the full scope of the stadium’s timber needs are not yet known.

“We are only in the concept stage of the plan. Until actual designs are released, we’re unable to determine how much timber will be needed,” Mr Steel said.

“But the Tasmanian timber industry will be working with all stakeholders to ensure that when timber is required, we’ll be able to supply Tasmanian timber to the project.

“A project of this scale will use a lot of different timbers – whether that be from our managed regrowth forests or our plantation estates.

“Not all timber is suitable for every application. But Tasmania’s timber estate is diverse and will be able to be used across all the applications this project will require.

“This is a unique opportunity to support Tasmania’s timber businesses and the thousands of people we employ across the state,” Mr Steel said.


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