Responsible Wood-certified products receive coveted Green Star rating

Tasmania’s forest sector congratulates Responsible Wood on its inclusion in the Green Building Council Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star Rating, Nick Steel, CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA), said today. GBCA has recognised Responsible Wood’s “Sustainable Forest Management Standard”.

Responsible Wood is a national forest certification system developed through a multi-stakeholder process tailored to local priorities and conditions. The not-for-profit organisation developed the “Sustainable Forest Management Standard” over three years, involving community, industry, scientific, academic, environmental, indigenous, employee and government representatives.

GBCA assessed the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme as ‘Best Practice’ and ‘Good Practice’ across four credit categories – Responsible Structure, Responsible Envelope, Responsible Finishes and Responsible Systems. A copy of the assessment is available for download.

GBCA’s internationally recognised Green Star rating system sets standards for healthy, resilient, positive buildings and places that reduce the impact of climate change, enhance our quality of life, restore, and protect biodiversity and ecosystems, drive resilience and contribute to market transformation and a sustainable economy.

“In Tasmania, every tree harvested is fully certified. Our members comply with Australia’s high sustainability standards, responsible harvesting and regeneration while minimising the impact on our environment and wildlife. Responsible Wood’s Green Star rating reflects this hard work while giving builders and homeowners the certainty that they are using materials made from a renewable, environmentally friendly, sustainably grown and produced resource – Tasmanian wood,” Mr Steel concluded.



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