New poll shows widespread support for a sustainable forest industry.

The Tasmanian Forest Product Association (TFPA) have today released a new poll showing overwhelming support for a sustainable, well managed and productive forest industry.

The poll which was commissioned by TFPA and undertaken by market research firm uComms demonstrates the importance of the industry to voters in the lead up to the election. In particular for the electorates of Braddon in the north and Franklin in the south.

It would seem from the results that an overwhelming percentage of voters believe that the forest industry, timber production and downstream processing are important to Tasmania. A whopping 87% of respondents in Braddon and an impressive 79% of respondents in the southern seat of Franklin consider the industry important for both the state’s economy and for employment.

In addition, 70% of respondents in Braddon and 51% in Franklin recognised that that our forests are managed sustainably and that the industry meets the highest levels of environmental protection under the state’s forest practices system.

According to Nick Steel, CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association “these results are great news for the industry. It show us just how highly regarded the forestry industry is in Tasmania and how reliant the regional areas are on forestry as a key economic driver and a reliable source of quality, skilled employment”.

Whilst the poll clearly shows widespread industry support respondents also recognised the urgent need for the government to provide health and safety reform to further protect businesses from unlawful workplace invasions. 78% of respondents in Braddon and 62% of respondents in Franklin agreed that reform is required.

“The timber industry continues to provide skilled jobs, deliver sustainable forestry practices and contribute to Tasmania’s economy, way of life and environment. This reassurance of support from the communities in which we operate acts as an important boost to the businesses and people who make up our industry” said Mr Steel.

See the poll results here:

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