MEDIA RELEASE: TFPA welcomes second tranche of Liberals’ forestry policy

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) has welcomed the second day of forestry policy
announcements by the Tasmanian Liberals ahead of the 2024 state election.
Speaking this morning in response to the promises made by Jeremy Rockliff and Felix Ellis, TFPA
Chief Executive Officer Nick Steel said these policies would benefit the sustainable forestry industry,
Tasmanian jobs, and the economy.
“It’s pleasing to see the Liberals have recognised the importance of the first priority in the TFPA
Election Wish List – Supporting Tasmanian Businesses,” Mr Steel said.
“Continuing its commitment to the State’s On-Island Processing Grants program will make a real
difference to Tasmanian forestry businesses and their ability to adapt to future demands.
“And we welcome the Liberals commitment to updating Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s (STT)
Ministerial Charter to focus on backing the industry and Tasmanian jobs.
“We stand ready to continue to work with the Tasmanian Liberals to ensure the updating of STT’s
Ministerial Charter will achieve the best benefit for all Tasmanians,” Me Steel said.
However, Mr Steel said there was still more work to be done.
“We look forward to working with the Liberals in developing its plantation forestry policy and are
seeking a commitment to the retooling and reskilling of our processing businesses to make best use
of that plantation resource as it becomes available,” Mr Steel said.
“Today’s announcement is a great start in protecting jobs, boosting the Tasmanian economy and
allowing the forestry industry to continue to sequester carbon to meet Tasmania’s tough climate
change ambitions.
“Whilst there’s still more work to be done on the Liberal’s plan, the TFPA welcomes the chance to
work with them to provide certainty for the industry, improve the lives of Tasmanian families and
the economy in the years ahead,” Mr Steel said.
The TFPA Election Wishlist can be downloaded here:


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