MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanian Forest Products Association launches forestry’s election wishlist

All Tasmanian political parties are being urged to throw their support behind the state’s sustainable forestry industry, ahead of the 23 March election.

Speaking at the launch of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association Election Wishlist, TFPA Chief Executive Officer Nick Steel said the forest industry is vital for the state’s economic, social and environmental success.

“Over 5,500 Tasmanians are employed directly and indirectly by the Tasmanian forestry industry,” Mr Steel said.

“The Tasmanian forestry industry is vital to secure our rural communities, for our economic prosperity and to help meet the state’s ambitious climate change targets.

“In the coming weeks, the TFPA will be reviewing the promises made by all parties and candidates, and assessing them against the Election Wishlist that we’ve launched today.

“Our wish list prioritises the key election policies needed to ensure that our sustainable industry can continue to thrive in years to come,” Mr Steel said.

The TFPA Election Wishlist focuses on four key priorities. They are:

  • timber trees and productivity;
  • supporting Tasmanian businesses;
  • reducing red tape; and
  • climate change and the fire threat.

“Closer to the election the TFPA will release an Election Scorecard which will rate all parties’ policies against their support of the Tasmanian forestry industry,” Mr Steel said.

“That score card will allow Tasmanians who care about our sustainable industry to determine where their vote can go, to truly support our industry.

“I urge all political parties to work with the TFPA to ensure that their policies can ensure the Tasmanian forestry industry can continue being successful and sustainable for many years to come.”

The TFPA election wishlist is available here:

Media enquiries:  David Bauche: [email protected] – 0491 205 627


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