MEDIA RELEASE: Forestry industry disappointed in Liberal plan, offers better alternative

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) is disappointed our industry has been used as a political football by the Liberal Party today, according to TFPA Chief Executive Officer, Nick Steel.

“The Liberals have been government for a decade and could have solved our wood supply issue at any time. But instead, they have decided to make it an election issue,” Mr Steel said.

Mr Steel said the TFPA and others in the industry have been working with the government on developing a policy for the management of the state’s Future Potential Production Forest (FPPF) land.

“The TFPA has been talking to the government for a long time about active management of FPPF land, and what has been released today is nothing like our plan,” Mr Steel said.

“The TFPA believes in total land use management. Not all the FPPF land is suitable for production forestry.

“The TFPA is calling for a full examination of the land, with input from a range of groups – including forestry, aboriginal bodies and environmental agencies.

“We look forward to working with the next elected government on how we can grow forestry and actively manage this land,” Mr Steel said.


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