Media release: Call for better recognition of climate change fighting potential of forest industries on International Day of Forests

Today, on the International Day of Forests, Tasmania’s forest industries are calling on all policy and political decision makers to better recognise the potential Tasmania’s forest industries provide to meet emission reduction targets and fight climate change, the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) CEO Nick Steel said.

“The International Day of Forests 2023 theme is ‘forests and health’ promoting the endless benefits forests provide in improving health globally. One of the biggest threats to health is climate change which is where better political and policy recognition of sustainable forest industries can make a difference,” Mr Steel said.

“Tasmania needs to be part of climate solutions to meet our emission reduction targets and forest industries should be a key part of the mix. Growing more timber trees in plantations and native forests locks up carbon while increasing our future local supply of sustainable timber and wood fibre. This also enhances Australia’s sovereign capability while creating sustainable jobs for thousands of people, many in rural and regional areas.

“Global demand for wood fibre is forecast to grow exponentially by the middle of the century, so the opportunities for Tasmania to make an even larger climate mitigation contribution through timber trees, while supplying the world with sustainable timber and wood fibre products is huge.

“Today, on International Day of Forests, I call on all policy and political decision makers to better recognise Tasmania’s forest industries’ potential to fight climate change and meet our emission reduction targets,” Mr Steel said.


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