Local NIFPI will allow Tasmania’s forestry industry to lead the way in forestry products innovation and modern manufacturing.  


In partnership with the University of Tasmania, the Australian Forest Products Associations has been leading a campaign for a new National Institute or Forest Product Innovation (NIFPI) to be based in Tasmania.

Today that wish came true with, the Coalition announcing $100 million in funding to establish a Launceston based NIFPI at the University of Tasmania’s Newnham campus.

“This commitment, to base a national research institute for one of the world’s most in demand products is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to Tasmania’s sustainable forestry industry and their pro forestry stance”, said Nick Steel, CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA).

“This significant boost to R&D across our sector will help us lead the world on innovation for in-demand forest products and create thousands of new modern manufacturing jobs for the 21st century,” Mr Steel said.

“We thank the federal and state government for their long-term support of the forestry industry and their recognition that our forest industry is critical in making sure we have reliable domestic timber and fibre supply to build new houses, replacing plastic packaging and help the country fight climate change,” Mr Steel said.

In addition, the Coalition have committed to $112.9 million nationally in grants to

drive manufacturing innovation and support the forestry sector to make the most of the existing timber resource that will help ease supply pressures created by the post‑pandemic building boom and worsened by supply chain breakdowns with the tragic war in Ukraine.

If elected, the Coalition has committed to:

  • $100 million to establish a new National Institute for Forests Products Innovation (NIFPI) in northern-Tasmania, with up to five regionally located centres nationally
  • $112.9 million in grants to boost adoption of new wood processing technologies to maximise log recovery, process smaller logs and create new products
  • $6.6 million to extend Regional Forestry Hub funding for the 11 hubs



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