Liberal government announcement on Forestry 17/04/2021

Tasmanian Forest Products Association supports the Liberal government forestry policy as announced on 17/04/2021

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association has welcomed today’s announcement of a funding and support package for the Tasmanian forest industry, as announced by Minister Guy Barnett.

TFPA CEO Nick Steel said he fully supports this comprehensive package and acknowledges the confidence it shows for the forest industry by this government.

“The forest industry is strong and it is continuing to grow in a sustainable and responsibly managed way. We are a continually evolving industry with more value adding and more on island processing taking place every day.” Mr Steel said.

“In particular the $10 million fund promised over five years will support the continued evolution of the industry, create more on-island processing and support value adding initiatives. This announcement demonstrates that the government are listening to the forest industry and willing to assist us to continue to grow and thrive” said Mr Steel.

Full announcement click here: Liberal_Party_Forestry_Policy



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