Forestry – the ultimate renewable Christmas gift

Nick Steel, Tania Rattray (Ind), Craig Farrell (Labor) and Ivan Dean (Ind).

Each of Tasmania’s 40 members of Parliament will this Christmas be presented will the ultimate renewable Christmas gift: seedlings of some of Tasmania’s most common production trees.

CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association, Nick Steel said by presenting the seedlings to members of Parliament, the industry were seeking to remind decision-makers that for every tree
harvested in Tasmania, a replacement is planted or sown.

“Tasmania’s forest industry really is the ultimate renewable”, Mr Steel said.

“It replants for the future according to a long-term plan; it helps tackle climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the air and storing it (a fact acknowledged by the IPCC); and it supports
more than 5,700 direct and indirect jobs in our state.

“Our forest industry is a vital part of the Tasmanian way of life, and helps to strengthen our regional and rural communities.”

Mr Steel added that it was really important to remember that of the 1.2 million hectares of forests classified as old growth in Tasmania, 85 per cent, or over one million hectares, is permanently
protected in reserves. This area exceeds the Tasmanian Government’s obligation, under Australia’s nationally agreed reserve criteria, to reserve at least 60 per cent of its old growth forests.

“All forest operations had to be carried out according to a Forest Practices Plan, under the Forest Practices Act, with the plans independently audited by the Forest Practices Authority. Our forestry workers and contractors are working under stringent rules and regulation. The forest industry is progressive and always looking to improve. We are sustainable, we are
renewable, we are about local jobs and communities.’’

The four seedlings are: Blackwood, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Niten and Radiata Pine and were
grown across the State.

The original media release is here: The ultimate renewable Christmas gift


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