Forest Industry writes to WWF seeking public retraction of wrong deforestation claims

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association has written to the World Wildlife Fund seeking a public retraction of the false claims that the Tasmanian forest industry is somehow contributing to deforestation.

“The TFPA is deeply concerned that both the representation of the report itself, and subsequent public comments from WWF representatives, which wrongly and without any evidence links the Tasmanian forest industry with deforestation”, TFPA CEO Nick Steel said.

“This is more so given our reading of the report itself, “Tasmania” is not even mentioned.

“Claims from a WWF representative that the end of the Tasmanian Forest Agreement might somehow be responsible for this non-existent deforestation are also demonstrably wrong – in actual fact, since the Tasmanian Forest Agreement was repealed in 2014 there hasn’t been a single additional hectare of forest made available for harvesting as result of the agreement ending.

“Tasmania’s forest industry is the ultimate renewable; it replants for the future according to a long-term plan; it helps tackle climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the air and storing it (a fact acknowledged by the IPCC); and it supports more than 5,700 direct and indirect jobs in our state,”

“For every tree harvested in Tasmania another one is planted, ensuring generations to come can continue to benefit from the highly valuable resource forestry provides.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the WWF has circulated misinformation about the industry, and we look forward to their public correction of the record.”

You can read the original media release here: 210123 TFPA_MR_Forest industry writes to WWF seeking public retraction_230121



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