Forest Industries back Sustainable Timber Tasmania efforts to resolve uncertainty

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) and the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) have backed Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s decision not to fight Bob Brown Foundation’s outrageous injunction application to stop harvesting logging on several coupes to assist with a quick resolution to the legal uncertainty.

TFPA Chief Executive Officer Nick Steel said the Tasmanian forest industry is concerned about the extreme tactics the Bob Brown Foundation will take to try end all native forestry, and now the public can see it for themselves.

“Unfortunately, the BBF continues to play games, even during a pandemic, with hard working Tasmanians’ livelihoods at a time when we need our industry the most,” Mr Steel said.

“The forest industry is sick and tired of the green lawfare being conducted by the BBF, which includes challenging the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement that is an existential threat to any natural forest harvesting – State and privately owned.

“We have full confidence in the RFA that is underpinned by Tasmania’s world class Forest Practices Act and Code which prescribes forest management practices to ensure best practice environmental outcomes,” said Mr Steel.

AFPA acting CEO Mr Victor Violante commended STT for avoiding needless litigation by voluntarily agreeing not to harvest in the coupes that BBF had sought an injunction over.

“Activist groups like the BBF use ‘lawfare’ as a tactic to disrupt timber harvesting operations. In the interest of providing certainty for the thousands of Tasmanian forest industry workers who depend on our sustainable timber industry I urge all parties to ensure this matter is dealt with expeditiously,” Mr Violante concluded.


Media Contact:

Nick Steel – TFPA Chief Executive Officer
(m) 0477 014 836 (e) [email protected]

Victor Violante – AFPA acting CEO
(m) 0421 846 201 (e) [email protected]

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