Critics need to recognise that forestry is part of the solution

The Tasmanian forest industry has worked tirelessly to transform and modernise over the past decade, in line with community expectation.Forestry provides

Our members have invested in their businesses to open up new markets, continue to be good stewards of the forests and achieve social licence.

Unfortunately this positive change has created a void for professional activists who are now reigniting the fight with explosive and misleading language.

The forestry industry is producing more with less. More on island value adding, more regeneration and plantations and more research into the highly sought-after environmental and social benefits of timber.

Tasmanian timber products are increasingly being recognised for their sustainability (a new tree is planted for every tree harvested), as a carbon store (that continues after harvesting) and as a beautiful, natural product that enhances the lived environment.

Our industry produces practical and affordable housing construction materials on island such as framing, dressed timber and ply, creating carbon capture and storage, not to mention affordable housing.

We produce high quality fibre to produce natural and biodegradable paper products, packaging and furniture that is far more environmentally superior to the alternatives.

Builders, architects, and environmentalists from around the world are waking up to the benefits of timber.

Our critics would be well advised to catch up to the rest of the world and embrace timber as part of the solution.

Nick Steel is the CEO of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association.


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