Media Release – Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) legal action

The new peak body for the Tasmanian forest industry, the Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA), is concerned the Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) legal action, if successful, will totally destroy forestry across all tenures (public and private land), including native forests and plantations, in Tasmania.

“What we are seeing is a concerted campaign to end not just native forestry in Tasmania but also plantation forestry that Bob Brown previously stated he supported which will have dramatic consequences for our regional communities.” said TFPA CEO, Nick Steel.

Mr Steel said BBF seems to be downplaying that this legal action will only affect public land, however the Tasmanian Regional Forestry Agreement applies across all tenures, plus, the swift parrot can’t tell the difference if a tree is on public or private land.

The Tasmanian RFA, which has been in place for over 20 years, provides a mechanism to achieve a balance of economic, environmental, and social outcomes for Tasmania.

“Alarmingly, the BBF hasn’t even taken into consideration that this legal action threatens the livelihood of the 5,700 hardworking Tasmanians and the small businesses that rely on our vibrant and sustainable forest industry or they just don’t care.” Mr Steel said.

“As an industry we are confident that this legal case should confirm that the Tasmanian RFA is an RFA within the meaning of federal legislation and we can keep on doing what we do best, in providing wood and timber products that are sustainable and renewable.”


TFPA CEO Nick Steel, 0477 014 836

About the Tasmanian Forest Products Association:
TFPA has been formed to unify the Tasmanian forest industry into a single policy and advocacy organization to better reflect the diversity of businesses that now make up the industry.

TFPA’s membership includes all the major growers and processors who are part of Tasmania’s sustainable forest products industry, in native forestry and plantation, softwood and hardwood.

Nick Steel has been the Deputy CEO and Policy Manager at the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers
Association for over a decade.

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