Bob Brown Emergency Lock Up Stunt Denied by Federal Government

Yet another attempt by the Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) to heritage list large parts of the North-West and West Coast has been rejected by the Federal Government.

Unfortunately, environmentalists like the BBF are ignoring the science, which has once again been proven through the IPCC report, that a balance of reserved native forests, working native forests and plantation forests is the environmental outcome the world needs to slow climate change.

In Tasmania our forest management practices, and our achievement of a sustainable forestry model is world leading.

Our industry is drawing carbon from the atmosphere and through re-establishing both native and plantation forests after harvest we are doing this in the most sustainable and efficient way possible according to the science.

Bob Brown’s “anything but forestry” attitude needs to change. It is time to accept that forestry is the solution to replacing carbon intensive non-renewable like steel, concrete and plastic.

It is time to place a higher value on the fact that forestry is drawing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in natural, biodegradable and essential forest products like housing, furniture and fibre.

This rejection should act as a reminder to the BBF that continually claiming heritage values for political opportunism does not simply make it true.


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