Biomass is part of the solution for Tasmania’s schools and hospitals

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) has welcomed today’s announcement that the Tasmanian government will invest $10 million over four years to replace some of the states ageing fleet of fossil fuel boilers with renewable energy solutions such as biomass.

Biomass energy generation is part of a suite of climate friendly solutions that forestry products are providing governments and businesses globally as they look to lower their carbon footprint, CEO of TFPA Nick Steel said.

We know that renewable timber products help to combat climate change, and with demand growing for carbon storing timber for construction materials, the opportunity to utilise residue for energy generation is an opportunity worth embracing, said Mr. Steel.

The use of biomass energy to replace fossil fuels demonstrates forestry’s capacity to provide environmentally responsible solutions that extend beyond just timber and fibre products, Mr. Steel concluded.



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