Forestry industries key to Australia meeting its climate goals.


Tasmanian Forest Products Association


The Tasmanian Forest Products Association (TFPA) has welcomed changes to plantation forestry methods which will streamline opportunities for planting trees and retain current forest lands to help combat climate change.

Several recently announced changes to the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), relating to timber production forests, will assist and encourage companies to expand their estates.

Chief Executive Officer of TFPA Nick Steel said, “this outcome is a result of professional forestry experts working with the federal government to create positive changes that will help tree planting companies earn Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)”.

One ACCU is equivalent to one tonne of carbon removed from or avoided in the atmosphere and can be sold by companies to generate income, either to the government through reverse auction or in the secondary market.

“Forest industries are key to Australia meeting its net zero by 2050 commitment”, said Mr Steel. “Trees sequester carbon whilst growing, the carbon continues to be stored in timber products and the cycle recommences with the replanting of some 11 million trees each year in Tasmania”.

“Promoting more production tree planting is a win, win, win for Tasmania and the environment because not only will it help us meet our climate goals, it also provides a number of co-benefit outcomes such as helping to generate new income for landowners and increasing biodiversity and habitat for wildlife. All whilst helping to supply the vitally needed timber which our builders so desperately need”

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